Who is in the Running for Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals?

Who is in the Running for Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals?

At the end of the 2017 regular season, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians left his position creating a vacuum in an emotional press conference. Bruce Arians led the Cardinals to 50 wins, and Steve Keim and Michael Bidwell have taken the ‘next man up’ approach into getting Arians’ replacement. Here are the candidates in the running for the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

James Bettcher, Cardinals’ DC

James seems like a good fit, being young and talented and he already knows the team. At 39 years old, he took over after Arians’ defensive coordinator position after Todd Bowles transferred to join the New York Jets. However, this would create more doubt as to the readiness of the Cardinals for the preseason playoffs.

Steve Wilks, Carolina Panthers’ DC

Steve is the most probable candidate for the Cardinals’ top job with an impressive resume. Wilks spent six years coaching his home team. The last three years he has been the assistant head coach and took over from Sean McDermott as the defensive coordinator for the Panthers. He changed the defense approach and found much success with the attacking style. As part of the steering team, the Panthers ranked third with 50 sacks in the 2017 regular season while the Cardinals’ ranked 17th with 44 sacks.

Matt Patricia, New England Patriots’ DC

Matt seems like a good fit for the job in the desert, and he has learned a great deal while working under Belchick. He might be ready for the promotion having been in the defensive coordinator position for five years. The Cardinals roster already has players like Jones who are familiar with Patricia’s mode of play. Matt Patricia had been shortlisted for an interview with the Cardinals’ GM.

In the end, Steve Wilks got the job and signed a four-year contract with a team option for a fifth season. His first charge as the head coach will be to find a quarterback.

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