American Football: General Rules

American Football: General Rules

American football is hugely popular in the United States both at professional and collegiate levels. The feature that makes it interesting is the rules and regulations that are imposed on the players during the course of the game. The time of the game on both the professional and collegiate games is usually 60 minutes. The game is played in four quarters. The duration of each quarter is 15 minutes. The duration of quarters are reduced to 12 minutes in case of high school football.

The whole control of the game is in the hands of the referee. The game also facilitates three timeouts on each team’s behalf. There are various factors in a game of American Football. It essentially consists of downs series and short duration individual plays. The salient features include attempts to field goals, runs, passes along with free kicks like kickoffs. Each of the eleven members in the team have specific task to perform during the whole duration of the game.

The primary objective is to score more points against the opposing teams in the given period. The aim of the offense is to score as many points possible via the means of touchdowns on the defense section of the field. Initially, the offense is offered four attempts for touchdowns. In case the offense manages to score a single touchdown 10 yards inside the defense side, the number of tries is reset. The defense gains the role of offense if they fail to make any touchdown.



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