Steelers' Will Johnson Leads Fundraiser For An 11-Year Old

Steelers' Will Johnson Leads Fundraiser For An 11-Year Old

In all the bad that there is in life we are bound to find some good and this time around it is the National Football League player that opted to show his soft heart for everyone to see.
Will Johnson, the Steelers fullback, has done what many usually think about doing mostly in their dreams but they end up not doing anything. So what exactly did Johnson do? Well for those who are keen on finding out read on downwards.

The Steelers fullback has been very active in ensuring that he has made the story about an 11-year old who is suffering from leukemia known to the world so as to help her raise the money required for her treatment. He is not just raising awareness, Johnson has also contributed to the family and he is hoping that they will be able to raise the money required by the end of this all.

According to several sources, the Pittsburgh Steelers fullback has helped the 11-year old raise 6,000 dollars. The 11-year old has been so impressed and filled with joy with the fact that Johnson actually took time to help her, in fact when Johnson walked into the hospital room where the 11-year old was situated, he was given a sweet kiss on his cheek something that his father had told her it will not happen.

“I had told her earlier that she won’t be able to kiss a Pittsburg Steelers player,” her dad, Matt Flohr said while chucking a smile. “The fact that she kissed a Pittsburg Steelers’ player really brought joy to her heart.”

We do wish her all the best as she battles with leukemia.


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