New York Giants Have High Hopes for Olivier Vernon

New York Giants Have High Hopes for Olivier Vernon

The new defensive coordinator of the New York Giants James Bettcher has high hopes for defensive player Olivier Vernon. He wants Vernon to be the NFL’s sack leader in the 2018 season.


The defensive coordinator shared that he wants Vernon to pattern his playing style to that of New England defensive end Chandler Jones. Bettcher can’t help but make the comparison between the two players. He coached Jones in 2016 as part of the Arizona coaching staff. He allowed Jones to reach his full potential as a player. Jones led the league in sacks in 2017 with 17. Jones used to be a defensive end but became an outside linebacker under Bettcher. The coach would probably give Vernon the same assignment as the team looks for good results.


Bettcher’s system is a 3-4 defensive front and he will be using it in the Giants’ defense. However, he doesn’t know if he has all the players needed by his system. One thing that he is certain of is that Vernon will have a key role in the new system. Another important element of the system is playing relentless throughout the game.


Linebacker coach Bill McGovern is excited to work with Vernon. He said that his staff is looking forward to working with him on the field and let the player’s talent take over. As part of the new system, Vernon will stand in a two-point stance on the edge of the scrimmage. The last time he played that position was when he was with the Miami Dolphins.


Vernon had 8.5 sacks in 2016, which was his first year after signing a five-year contract with the Giants. However, he battled through injuries last year and only got 6.5 sacks in 12 games. He missed four games due to injuries.     

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